Something that started off as a basic hobby evolved into so much more. Being able to understand what is out there, knowing that the limitations we have or think we have are just part of out ignorance about what is out there and already here today available to all of us!

ore2Who Are We & What We Do..

  • We Fly
  • We Have Fun
  • We Review Helicopters, Quadcopters, Multirotors & Airplanes
  • We Crash
  • We Fix
  • Then We Show Others How to Fix
  • We Make Better
  • We Fly Again
  • Then We show Others How to Make Better
  • We Buy
  • We Show Others Where To Buy

Any Questions?

What is ORE besides your Name?

Operational Robotic Entity

No Really what does it mean?

  • Operational:  In or ready for use/of or relating to the routine functioning and activities.
  • Robotic:  Of or relating to robots/automated, automatic, laborsaving, self-acting, self-operating, self-regulating.
  • Entity: Something that exists by itself/something that is separate from other things / being, existence; especially independent, separate, or self-contained existence.

Things that we dreamed of as children coming to life.

  • Being able to travel around your area without leaving your home.
  • Shooting up into the sky as far as the eye can see while you record it.
  •  Having a almost fully automated system that can autonomously follow you, take commands on the fly or preset form any personal computer.
  • See places and things that you would have never been able to do to see because of physical limitations or money.

This is what ORE means and this is what we bring to the average everyday person, showing them, teaching them that is is possible, affordable and available to them!